Having been exposed to London’s  native broad based spectrum of galleries, museums and architectural wonders at an early age and winning a national art scholarship award at the age of sixteen. This was followed by many recognitions and awards of merit. It was almost inevitable that art in all of its forms would become an intricate and central part of my life.

Trained in Europe and the United States I refused to be constrained to any single school or be limited to any single medium.  Currently exploring and studying the avenues afforded by digital art. “My work develops as a concept, is inspired and motivated by life’s experiences and finally created into its unique image.”

Having evolved into an artist whose unexpected, sometimes whimsical, blending of images and materials demonstrates a high level of technical skill and a rare degree of insightful creativity and imagination.

In addition to the United States my works currently hang in such diverse locations as London, Sydney, Johannesburg, Rio De Janeiro, Zurich and Edinburgh.

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Often Asked .... Artist Statement

Artist’s Statement.

I am often asked “ how did you do this” referring to these latest images.
The quick answer is a slow adventure into visual possibilities using a compilation of available tools and techniques into which I have drawn from basic mathematical formulae adding to some of the work, the use of fractals.
As you may know fractals are generally understood as a geometric curve or figure with each part having the same statistical character as the whole.
Particular attention is paid to the minimum use of colour to enhance the effect of simplicity and clarity .
Humour is never far from my outlook on life and thus my Art.  An occasional touch may be found within some of these images.


A more complete answer would be that all work starts with a blank peice of paper which I sketch my design ideas testing lines, curvatures, repetition, colour compliments and colour discordance.

At this point a work begins to take on a life of its own. Often at this time I will choose to eliminate overkill and seek a simpler image from within. 

Many of the pieces you see today will present an idea or emotion taken one step further. For example “ Falling in Love”. Started with a line the shape of a red heart, the electrical impulse we term as attraction is shown as the spark. Sharing  half of the whole leaves each party complete in the experience.

At a later point the work is transferred to a screen and finished with digital tools, lighting and shading for example.
I should mention that not all work using mixed media in this way is abstract.

A discussion of this genre of art, which emerged in the 1980’s, is being planned for later in the year. If you have further interest please leave your contact details at the bottom of the page.

Smile and Enjoy,

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All physical Artwork is imaged at high resolution on very high quality acid free Art Paper in limited edition of 10 and each is professionally framed. Available in 2 frame sizes 14×18 with an 9.75 x 7.25 image size the 16×20 frame has a 11×14 image size.

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